Editing Your Profile on the Doximity Website

To edit your profile, please sign in to the Doximity website and go to your profile.

Here is the link:   https://www.doximity.com/profile

This should take you to your profile in the 'Editing Mode'.  You can make updates by tapping on the blue 'Pencil' icon next to the item you need to correct and make the changes as needed.Screen_Shot_2019-10-30_at_1.20.48_PM.png


If you do not see the blue 'Pencil' icon next to any items, click on the "Edit Profile" button under your profile photo/initials.


Now you can edit your profile fields as needed.  Remember to save your changes as you completed them.

NOTE:   You cannot update your Name or Medical School.  For those changes, please contact Support at:    support@doximity.com


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