Limitations and Usage

Doximity offers a HIPAA secure e-Fax service for MDs, DOs, NPs, Medical Students, and PAs and PharmDs.

There are a few restrictions regarding the Doximity free fax line:

  • - It is only open to the following specialists:  MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, PharmDs and Medical Students.
  • - All faxes are only sent to domestic numbers. No international faxing is allowed.
  • - You must use it once every 6 weeks or we reserve the right to reclaim the number

To get a fax line, please go to the Fax+Mail tab and tap on the button Claim Your Fax Number.To review the Whitepaper, please go here

If not used in 6 weeks, 2 email notifications will be sent before we remove any fax line from any user. This message will occur 2 weeks and then again 2 days before the number is removed. To ensure you keep the number, simply send or receive a fax once every 6 weeks.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that we can supply an original fax number if a number is reclaimed, but we can provide a new number.



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