How do I use the Salary Map?

On the Career Navigator page, you will see the interactive Salary Map.

This map is designed to help you explore compensation trends, median home prices, and years to own a home by your unique specialty and area. Over 36,000 physicians have anonymously reported their compensation estimates.


On top of the US only map, you will see a search bar with 3 sections:

  • - On the 1st section, you will see the option of choosing different specialties, and on the right you can type to search location.
  • - In the 2nd section you can compare data based on metrics such as salary, median home price, and years to own a home.
  • - On the 3rd section you will see a scale that runs from low to high (left to right) depending on what metric (compensation, median home price, years to own a home) you are comparing.




Job Posts

There are 2 ways to see available job opportunities. First, you can see job opportunities below the map under suggested jobs. 


You can also search for jobs on the map:

  • 1. On the search bar, enter your specialty, the city in which you wish to work, and the metric you wish to compare.
  • 2. The map will automatically update with salaries and available positions in the city you entered.
  • 3. You will see these icons on the map:


These icons represent:

  • 1. The large opaque circle with a briefcase icon and number represents multiple jobs in that location
  • 2. The teardrop with a briefcase represents a single job in that specific location

If you click on the large opaque circle, the map will zoom in and display teardrop symbols showing where the multiple jobs are located specifically.

Once you click a teardrop, a headline should appear describing the job. Go ahead and click on the arrow to the right of it. This will prompt you to the job posting where you can learn more about the position and contact the employers/recruiters.


NOTE:  Currently our Salary Map feature is ONLY for Physicians.


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