Improving Your Profile

85% of physicians are on the first page of google because of their Doximity profiles. In the healthcare world, a Doximity profile is your CV and ultimately your brand. Essentially, a strong profile proves that you, the healthcare professional, exists. This is your differentiator and helps with referrals, job hunting, and connecting with colleagues. Follow these steps:

 Add a Picture

 We found that doctors with profile photos are viewed TWICE as often as doctors without photos. A professional headshot adds credibility and recognition. Here are some tips on which photo to add to your profile.

- Format: Use a professional headshot. If you don’t have one, consider investing in getting some headshots done. 

- You: Photo of yourself recently or within 2 years.

- Style: Some physicians wear a white coat or stethoscope for their photos to help current and prospective patients identify them. 

- Do: Clear background that keeps the focus on you.

Share your Experience and Education

You worked hard for your degrees and titles, don’t hesitate to show them off. This information only strengthens your brand.

- Include: Doximity automatically pulls in your training information. Add in any other education you'd like to add. 

- Mention: Current position and recent work experience.

- Share: Certifications, research, and publications. This adds immense credibility to your profile. Share your skills, as this is what sets you apart.

Add Colleagues

More colleagues equal more exposure. New opportunities arise from new colleagues. See your pending colleague invites and other people you may know

- Connect: With colleagues that interest you, don’t just add for the sake of adding, quantity is nice but it's all about the quality.

- Don’t: Be afraid to invite first.

- Follow Up: Keep in touch with as many contacts as you can, you never know when you need them!



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