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Knowing what you want for work is fundamental in this process, having expectations for work will allow you to use the tools Doximity offers effectively. Follow this trinity as a guideline:

- Interests: What makes your clock tick? What are you passionate about? What is your ideal position? These are the questions you need to start asking yourself.

- Research: The process of looking for work is never short. Never rush to a decision and always investigate programs. You need to obtain as much information as you can by talking to hospitalists, employees, and visiting their websites.

- Growth: It's important to understand the potential for career growth. Are there colleagues and mentors who can help advance your career? What skills do you want to develop further?

To summarize, aligning your expectations with the market can provide you the necessary context to analyze various job opportunities effectively.

With that covered, here are the tools you can use to begin your hunt!

- Doximity Career Navigator: Using the power of the Doximity network, you can browse job postings, average salary, and contacts who work at places of your interest! Access Career Navigator here

- Doximity Career Match: It’s simple: describe the job you are looking for and get matched with multiple opportunities in the location of your choice. Once you place through Doximity, you’ll get a $3000 bonus to help you get settled post training! Access Career Match here

During the process, when you discover postings and decide where to apply, ask yourself whether each job is a place you can see yourself working and living for a few years or even long term. If you find that ideal position, hurry and send your CV!


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