Where faxed prescriptions are permitted, can I use Doximity e-signature functionality to sign prior to faxing?

Although some DEA and state regulations permit faxed prescriptions in specific cases involving long-term care, hospice and compounding, electronic signatures are typically not accepted, including Doximity's e-signature functionality. 
However, you can still use Doximity to fax a prescription where faxed prescriptions are permitted. To do so, you would need to:
1. Print or write a prescription and hand-sign (i.e. a wet signature)
2. From the Doximity app, compose a new fax
3. Tap the paper clip in the upper right and use your camera to take a photo of the signed prescription
4. Tap send
5. File the hard copy prescription in your records
Physicians are encouraged to check with their attorneys and malpractice insurers in regard to the use of electronic signatures and faxing for specific cases.

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