How to Save Articles in the NewsFeed for the App

Users can now save their favorite articles within the Doximity app on their Android and iOS devices.


How To Save An Article:

  • Navigate to the 'News' tab in the Doximity app
  • Scroll through the newsfeed on the News page to find an article you wish to save

  • On the article, you wish to save, select the 'flag' icon


  • The selected flag will turn blue and a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen to confirm the article has been saved


To remove an article from the saved feature, simply select the blue flag next to the article. The flag will turn white and upon refresh, the article will be removed from your saved items feed.


How To Access Saved Articles:

Articles that you've saved can be accessed from your 'Saved Articles'.

  • From the 'News' tab, tap on the grey flag located in the top left-hand corner of the screen


  • Android users will tap on the 'pencil' icon, located to the right of saved articles


  • iOS users will swipe left on the article you wish to removeUntitled_document_-_Google_Docs__8_.png
  • Android users will tap on the 'trash can' icon located to the right of the article that you wish to remove


  • Once removed, the article will no longer be under your list of saved articles
  • Android users will tap on the 'checkmark' icon located in the upper right-hand corner to save the changes

To save articles on the desktop, click HERE.

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