Doximity Residency Navigator Program Director Guide


Welcome to the Annual Residency Navigator season!

Last year, 90% of 4th-year medical students used Doximity’s Residency Navigator to discover and explore over 4,000 residency programs across 28 specialties, 275,000 ratings and hand-written reviews, alumni maps, specialization analyses, and more.

We’ve created this FAQ guide for Program Directors and Program Administrators to help answer frequently asked questions and provide guidance on maximizing opportunities for your program’s page.


Here Are Key Steps To Prepare Your Residency Navigator Progam Page & Residents/Alumni for the Annual Residency Navigator Survey Season:


1. Ensure Your Program’s Residents And Alumni Have Included The Necessary Data On Their Doximity Profile To Participate In The Surveys

The Residency Navigator surveys are open to current residents (who have completed at least 1 year of residency) and program alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years.

To ensure all of your program’s residents and alumni are eligible to participate in this year’s Residency Navigator surveys, they must include specific data on their Doximity profile.

Nomination Survey

To participate in the Nomination Survey, your alumni (current residents are not eligible to participate since they are not yet board certified) MUST include the following on their Doximity profiles:

  • Residency Program with years attended, located in the “Education & Training” section
  • Board Certification, located in the “Certification & Licensure” section

Important Note: The participant MUST include their residency program AND their valid Board Certification on their Doximity profile, otherwise Doximity will not be able to link the participant to their respective residency program or identify their board certification.

Satisfaction Survey

To participate in the Satisfaction Survey, your residents and alumni must include the following on their Doximity profiles:

  • Residency Program with years attended, located in the “Education & Training” section

Important Note: The participant MUST include their residency program with years attended on their Doximity profile, otherwise Doximity will not be able to link the participant to their respective residency program.


2. Review the Program Director and Program Coordinator's Contact Information On Your Residency Program’s Page

Many candidates use the program contact information found on your program page to reach out to program administrators. You should verify the Program Director's name and the Program Coordinator's name and contact information for accuracy. If there have been any changes, please contact with details of your requested changes.


3. Submit Residency Program Roster/Spreadsheet

Please download this spreadsheet, complete it, and email it to   

Completing this spreadsheet ensures that all of your residents and alumni (and their data points) are properly attributed to your residency program. This will allow them to participate in the Residency Navigator survey(s), and their Doximity profile pictures will appear on your program page.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee expedient processing of your program’s spreadsheet if submitted after the Nomination Survey opens.


4. Submit Residency Program Summary (If Necessary)

If you do not have a program summary on your program’s page and would like to include one or, if you would like to update your current program summary, please submit a summary of 150 words or less to

Your program summary is a small paragraph that highlights special attributes about your institution and personalizes your residency program’s page. Topics can include your program’s culture, learning and training opportunities, approach to medicine, etc. The more unique and personalized your program summary is, the more value you will provide to residency candidates.


5. Submit Residency Program Logo (If Necessary)

If your program logo needs updating, please submit a 320x320 logo to

Please Note: Doximity can only upload institution-specific logos, not program-specific logos.

For Example: If there is a logo unique to the Emergency Medicine program for the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, Doximity will be unable to upload this. Doximity can only upload the logo for the UMKC School of Medicine, which will then apply to all residency programs associated with the institution.


6. How To Update Specific Data Points On Your Residency Program Page

The statistics and data points displayed on your Residency Program page are generated based on information from the ACGME database and from the resident and alumni physicians affiliated with your program page. 

We derive the following residency program statistics from your population of resident and alumni physicians affiliated with your program page on Doximity:

  • Gender Balance
  • Top Feeder Schools
  • Top Alumni Cities
  • Percentage of Alumni Who Subspecialize
  • Alumni Publication Percentile
  • Alumni Clinical Trial Percentile

While we cannot manually update any of the data points that we derive from physicians affiliated with your program, to ensure more accurate statistics we recommend encouraging your program alumni to keep their Doximity profiles up to date with all of their accomplishments and confirm that they have added their residency program to their profile.

We gather the following information from the ACGME database:

  • Name of program (we display the program name exactly as it is listed on ACGME)
  • Program phone number
  • Program website URL
  • Program Director and Program Coordinator names and contact information
  • Total Filled Spots
  • Accredited Fellowship Programs
  • Where You’ll Spend Your Time

Important Note: If you would like to update or change any of the information that we derive from the ACGME, please correct this information on the ACGME database. If you have updated the information correctly on the ACGME database by June 1st, your information will be displayed correctly on your residency program’s page in Residency Navigator when we conduct our annual database refresh in July. 

If there have been changes made to any ACGME-related data after June 1st, please submit a screenshot of the requested change to and we will attend to the change as soon as possible.


If you have any other questions not included in this FAQ, please contact


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