Residency Navigator Nomination Survey


Who is Eligible?

The Nomination Survey asks eligible candidates to nominate up to five residency programs that provide the best clinical training in their specialty, which is then weighted to construct an analysis that is nationally representative of the opinions of board-certified U.S. physicians in that specialty.

Who is eligible to submit reviews for the Nomination Survey?

Verified Doximity members who are (1) Alumni (current residents are not eligible to participate since they are not board certified) AND (2) a U.S. board-certified physician in one of the 28 specialties covered by Residency Navigator AND (3) MUST include the following on their Doximity profiles:

(1) Residency Program with years attended, located in the “Education & Training” section AND
(2) Board Certification, located in the “Certification & Licensure” section with a currently valid certification 

NOTE: Eligible physicians are welcome to participate in the Nomination Survey every year.


How does the Nomination Survey contribute to Residency Navigator?

When prospective applicants use Residency Navigator, they can sort and filter programs by criteria such as location and training environment, alumni research output and subspecialization rates, program size, and clinical reputation. This reputation component is powered by the Nomination Survey.


I’m seeing a message that says “You are not currently eligible to participate in this survey.” Why?

There may be a few reasons why you may be seeing this, including:

(1) You are not a U.S. board-certified physician.
(2) You are not a U.S. board-certified physician in one of the 28 specialties covered by Residency Navigator.
(3) You have not listed your residency program (with start and end years) on your Doximity profile page.

If you have attended a residency program and have not listed the program on your Doximity profile, Doximity will not be able to identify you as a resident of a program and an eligible participant for the Nomination Survey.
(4) You did not list their board certification on their Doximity profile or your board certification listed is not active (expired). Even if you are board certified, if you have not listed your board certification on your Doximity profile, Doximity will not be able to identify you as a board-certified physician and an eligible participant for the Nomination Survey.

If you have a valid board certification but it is not listed on your Doximity account, please add that information to your Doximity profile. From there, please wait 24 hours for our system to reset your eligibility, and you will be able to vote. Links to take the Nomination Survey can be accessed from your Doximity home page.


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