iOS Known Issue - Intermittent audio issue on some video calls


Update December 14, 2020: iOS 14.3 has been released. As patients update their phones, it will solve the problem with robotic / static noise that some patients were experiencing.



We have identified an issue where some patients may occasionally hear a robotic / static noise during a video call. This is a temporary issue introduced by Apple on some iPhones and iPads (iOS devices), specifically those on the older version of iOS (14.2). 


Apple’s issue affects all web-based video applications on the iPhone, which includes Doximity. It does not affect every video call but it is common enough to be frustrating. We have confirmed that Apple has fixed this issue in the upcoming iOS 14.3 update which has been released.


Our team is working around the clock on several interim solutions to reduce the frequency of the issue and fix it when it occurs. If you experience the issue, here are a few steps to try: 

  1. If the clinician mutes and unmutes their audio, this typically will fix the audio issue. It may take a few attempts but typically this will fix the audio issue.
  2. We have heard feedback that oftentimes the issue subsides after 30 to 45 seconds on the video call. 
  3. Some users report that if the patient leaves the video call and rejoins a moment or two later, it also can greatly improve the audio quality.
  4. Patients can join the call from a computer or other non-Apple device. Patients on iOS 14.2 will see a link at the top of the screen that says “Having audio issues?” Clicking on that link will allow them to email a video call invitation to another device, such as a laptop or desktop computer.


And just in case, here is a great how-to guide that patients can use to join a call on their computer:


We will continue to do everything we can to address this issue while Apple works on the permanent fix.


For IT professionals, here is the WebKit bug report with more information.

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