Call Select for the Doximity App (Android)

You can now call a patient's phone number from a text or email that you have received.

With Call Select set up for Doximity, when you receive a phone number within a text message or email, tap that phone number, and you will see a menu of options appear.

Tap on the option that says 'Doximity', and this will place the phone call for you within the Dialer feature in the app:


In order to set up Call Select:

Go to Settings, and Select “Apps”  then Select “Doximity”: 


Select “Advanced”:


Select “Open by Default”:


And Select “Open Supported Links”:


 Finally, select the option “Ask Every Time”:


Now, when you tap a phone number, an option will appear for you to make a call through Doximity Dialer. Just Select Doximity from that menu:


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