Android 'Record Audio' system message concerns for Mobile Video and Audio Calls

We have received feedback on the pop-up message that appears when you attempt to connect and use the Doximity Dialer feature.


We want to confirm for you that Doximity does NOT offer any call recording feature.

This is an Android system message that we cannot change. It is prompted by the device's operating system.


In order to use the Dialer feature, you must 'allow' access.


Allowing access grants access to the microphone so that the app can send audio to your patient on the call. Doximity does not store this audio in any recorded file.


Dialer Video 



Dialer Audio



Please note, you will have to tap on 'allow' in order to use the Dialer feature. If you 'deny' the permissions and tap on 'don't ask again', you will have to uninstall and reinstall the Doximity app.

That will allow your device to connect with the device's browser so you can begin the Video or Audio call.


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