How to send a HIPAA Secure Message to a Colleague in the Doximity Network

You can now send a HIPAA-secure message to another Doximity member through our messaging feature.


To send a message from the Website:


  • Click on the blue '+ New Message' button
  • Type in your Colleagues name

(Please note your Colleague must be a member of Doximity)

  • Type your message in the 'Type your message here' box
  • Once you have typed your message, click on the blue 'SEND' button

You can also add a 'Subject' to your message, as well as an attachment that is 50 MB or less.

NOTE:   The system supports attachments of the following file type:  doc, docx, pdf, tiff, jpg, gif, odt, txt, and png


We also offer the ability to create a 'Template' if you find you send similar messages to your Colleagues.
If you would like to add a 'Template' to your message, click on the drop-down menu where you can choose 'Refer a Patient' or 'Send a Thank you Note'.
If you don't want to use a template, just leave the message with the default 'No Template' option.


To send a message from the App:

  • Login to the Doximity App 
  • Tap on the 'Fax/Msg' button
  • (The app defaults to the Fax button) Tap on the 'Message' button located at the top of the screen
    • For your iOS device, to send a NEW message, tap on the blue 'Pencil' icon located in the top right corner of your screen for your iOS device
    • For your Android device, tap on the blue pencil 'SEND MESSAGE' button located in the bottom right corner above the Fax/Msg
  • Type in your Colleagues name

You can now start typing your HIPAA-secure message. To SEND your message, tap on the blue 'Arrow' icon.

To send an attachment, tap on the 'Paperclip' icon. You will be given the option to send files, use your camera, or send photos that are already stored on your phone.


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