Android Default Permissions Details

If a third-party app overrides the default phone settings it can cause the Doximity Dialer to become unusable.

These apps overwrite the mobile device settings for the End-User's phone to ensure they are the Default option and other apps may not function.

(Like when Google will push for the Chrome browser or Bing pushes for the Edge browser)


Here are some examples of these apps:

  • Cisco Jabber
  • Tiger Connect / Tiger Text
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom  (see below)



End-Users need to adjust the Settings to allow the Dialer feature to work.


The following steps will work for the majority of Android versions and Models.

  • Choose Manage Applications
  • Select “All” or slide Categories on Left to “All
  • Find “Dialer” or “Phone
  • Locate the “Launch by Default” setting on this screen
  • Clear or Toggle Off


This should restore access.

NOTE:   With Android devices, these might be slightly different because of the End-Users O/S as well as which Carrier they use.



Here are some additional articles for default settings.


This should not affect the Video Portion of the Doximity Dialer.

It may even remove the handset icon from our application when it disables it.



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