Dialer caller ID is showing up as spam to patients

Are your patients reporting that your clinic or institution's phone number is coming up as spam when using Dialer to make calls? We understand that this can be a frustrating experience. Spam flagging is generally decided by individual cell phone carriers rather than Dialer itself; fortunately, this is usually an easy fix. There are several resources available to you.

To request a fix for incorrect spam flagging yourself, you can also contact the carrier(s) affected by using the websites below, separated by carrier:

1. T-Mobile (via First Orion)for a business account: https://calltransparency.com/

For individual accounts, you can report the issue here:   https://callreporting.t-mobile.com/


2. Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular (via TNS Call Guardian): https://reportarobocall.com/trf/#


3. ATT Wireless (via Hiya): https://hiya.com/manageyourcallerid


Alternatively, you can also reach out directly to customer service for the carriers listed above.

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