How To Use Picture-In-Picture on the App

Doximity Dialer Video for the App now has a picture-in-picture feature to allow you to better multi-task while keeping your patient in view on the same screen.


With picture-in-picture, you can now open your patient's video in a pop-out window before a patient joins. The pop-out window will persist as a floating window, enabling the clinician to multitask or view other content on their phone while keeping the patient in view.


How to use the Picture-In-Picture feature on the App:

  • Open the Doximity mobile application
  • Tap on the 'Dialer' tab
  • Enter your patient's phone number
  • Tap 'Video Call' to start the call 
  • For iOS users, from the video screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen
  • For Android users, tap the circle on the bottom of your screen to exit the app

You will now be able to navigate your phone while remaining on the video call with your patient.


To make the video call go back to fullscreen:

  • For iOS users, tap on the video call screen
  • For Android users, tap on the video call screen twice





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