How to Manage Your Emails on DoxNews

You can choose to opt-in or out of certain news topics that you would like to receive via email from Doximity.

Interested in a particular topic? Here is a list of topics that we offer:

Data Reports

A special Doximity series aimed at empowering clinicians with healthcare data. Doximity gathers publicly available information from CMS and other sources, providing analysis to help you better understand your practice, the industry, and what has been reported on your behalf.

Doximity | Specialty News

Let us leaf through the journals! We deliver weekly handpicked medical literature and news personalized for you -- and vetted by peers in your specialty. Read trending studies from medical journals, drug updates, breaking news from the FDA/CDC, stories your patients are reading, and more. Delivered weekly.

Doximity | Medical Business News

A monthly collection of insights about the business side of medicine. We cover everything from personal finance, to career management, healthcare technology, and anything else in between. Delivered biweekly.

Doximity | Conference Coverage

Missed a major medical meeting this year, or want a recap of the most pertinent highlights? Get late-breaking abstracts and news presented at the largest conferences in your specialty. 

Doximity | Clinical Interests

Periodic emails tailored to your areas of specialization and healthcare interests

Doximity | Women in Medicine

A collection of research, stories, and reflections about the opportunities and challenges facing women in medicine today. Discover impactful career advice, read profiles on inspiring physicians, and share experiences with other women in medicine. Delivered monthly.

Doximity | Medical Student News

Your weekly serving of what's happening in medicine -- outside of the classroom. See what stories are trending with other medical students, get insights on specialties you're interested in, rotations, exam questions, and more. Delivered weekly.

Doximity | Residency News

A special series geared towards physicians in training. See what other residents are reading about medicine outside of the hospital, brush up on clinical skills, and get timely financial and career advice that will prepare you for life as an attending. Delivered monthly.

Doximity | Local Medical News

Read the latest trending research and clinical news in your local area. This curated compilation keeps you up to date on the latest medical advancements, regulatory changes, and medical issues that impact patients in your community. Delivered biweekly or monthly.

Doximity | Community Health News

Your go-to resource to stay informed about critical health topics affecting the general public. From the latest updates on COVID-19 to insights on prevalent illnesses, this digest provides comprehensive coverage on key community health concerns. Delivered weekly.


To opt in or out of certain topics:

  • Login to the Doximity website and go to Settings -> Communications
  • To access the type of messaging you wish to modify, click on the chevron arrow so it points up


  • Toggle the switch next to each email type to opt-in or out of that category. 




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