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General Questions & Getting Setup 

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General & Getting Setup

What does Doximity Dialer do and where can I download it?

Doximity Dialer is a feature on Doximity’s mobile application (iOS and Android) that allows you to call patients using your cell phone while displaying any phone number of your choice on the patient's caller ID. 

You can download Doximity Dialer, found on the Doximity app, here.

Recently, we’ve added additional features to Dialer, including:

  • Send Voicemail which allows you to reach your patient’s voicemail and leave a message with a callback number.
  • Video calling to practice telemedicine with your patients.
  • Send Text to send stand-alone texts to patients.

How much does Doximity Dialer Pro cost?

Doximity Dialer Free is free for MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, and students.

To gain access if you are not one of the specialties above or to purchase our premium features, pricing information can be found on this page.

Is Doximity Dialer HIPAA secure?

Doximity was created to simplify and support the work of healthcare providers. Our platform is secure, facilitating encrypted, HIPAA-compliant communications with patients.

Doximity maintains the security and privacy requirements of the healthcare industry: 

  • Requires ongoing HIPAA training for all staff and contractors
  • Conducts a risk analysis and access verification quarterly
  • Includes a Business Associate Agreement with each member 
  • Has a Privacy and Security officer
  • Offers communication tools only available to healthcare professionals for clinical and patient care purposes
  • Requires identity verification upon registration. Please see Doximity Terms of Service for more information 
  • Utilizes member authentication that adheres to Auth 2 standards along with MFA

Who can use Doximity Dialer?

Any healthcare professional can purchase access to Doximity Dialer.

There is a free version of Doximity Dialer is available for MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, and students. The free version has some limitations.

Any user with a Dialer Pro license can use Dialer with unlimited access; more information is available here.

I need to get verified in order to use Dialer. How do I get verified?

If you are unable to verify yourself by following the prompts within the Doximity app, we'd be happy to assist! We use a number of sources to verify identity, including but not limited to challenge questions (provided by a third party), a photo of your medical license, hospital ID/badge, or emails from officially recognized medical institutions (school or hospital).

If you are retired, you can also send us a photo of your expired medical license or Medical School diploma for documentation.

Send the documentation to:   support@doximity.com

Note: We cannot accept a screenshot or other documentation from a publicly available source. 

Is Dialer audio available for the iPad?

Yes! Dialer audio is available on the iPad. To get started, make sure your Doximity iPad app is updated to the latest version and follow the same steps as you would if you were placing a video call on the mobile app.

Can I make international calls with Doximity?

Dialer in the Doximity app only supports calls to and from U.S. phone numbers.

Will patients ever be able to see my phone number? 

No, they’ll only see the phone number you’ve selected on the Caller ID section located on the top of the Dialer screen. Your own mobile number will not be displayed to the recipients.

Can I view a history/log of the calls I’ve made to patients? 


On the main Dialer screen, there is a 'History' button.

Tapping this button will give you access to your call log and the time duration of each call.

To view your list of calls that have been made using the Dialer feature just keep scrolling down to view older records.

NOTE: We do not offer an option to remove data from 'History'. 

Can patients see the nickname(s) I give to my phone numbers?

No, these nicknames are only for internal use. They will not be displayed to the recipients of your call - only the phone number will.

Does Dialer support calls over WiFi?

Yes, calls made through Dialer in the Doximity app use voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Check Settings > Use Internet to Place Calls. If this is switched on, calls will use Wifi or Cellular data to place phone calls. If this is off, you will need to separately set up your phone to allow calls over wifi, such as is available on the iPhone on Verizon, AT&T, and others. WiFi calling works as it does with any call placed with your default phone app. Please note that any normal roaming or other charges will apply as if you were placing a normal voice call.

Does the Doximity app use my data connection for phone calls? 

Yes, Dialer in the Doximity app places calls using your phone’s cellular connection if the "Use Internet to Place Calls" setting is turned on. You must have a cellular signal or wifi connection in order to use the app.

How much data will a 1-minute voice or video call consume on average for a user? 
Standard Phone Call: 0 MB (does not use data)
VoIP Phone Call (beta): 1 MB
Video: 10 MB

How Do I Know if my Doximity App is up to date?

If you have an iPhone:

  • Tap this link to the Doximity app in the App Store on your phone
  • Tap Update
  • If this doesn't work please delete and reinstall your Doximity App
  • If you do not see the update button or are unable to update for any reason, please reach out to support@doximity.com 
  • Minimum iOS version required is currently iOS 13


If you have an Android phone:

  • Tap this link to the Doximity app in the Play Store on your phone
  • Tap Update
  • If you do not see the update button or are unable to update for any reason, please reach out to support@doximity.com

Feature Enablement and Usability Questions

How can I add my office number on Dialer so it appears on my patients’ caller ID when I call them?

  • Open up the Doximity application on your device and tap on the 'Dialer' tab
  • Tap on the 'Gear' icon
  • Tap on 'Caller IDs'
  • Tap on the 'Add New Caller ID' button
  • Enter a 'Nickname' and then the new 'Phone Number' you wish to display
  • Tap on 'SAVE'

For more information on adding a new caller ID on your mobile device, click HERE.

NOTE:  Make sure that 'This Device Number' is your actual personal cell phone number. This number will never be displayed as your caller ID.

How do I use the Send Voicemail feature?

To learn how to use the Send Voicemail feature on Dialer, please follow the instructions here.

How do I place calls with Doximity Dialer in the Epic Haiku app?

If you have an iPhone:

  • Install and log into the Doximity app
  • Install and log into Epic Haiku
  • Tap on the main Settings icon on your iPhone
  • Scroll down and tap on Haiku settings
  • Scroll down and select Doximity under Place Calls Using
  • Open a patient's chart on Haiku
  • Tap on the patient's phone number and Doximity will launch

If you have an Android phone:

  • Install and log into the Doximity app
  • Install and log into Epic Haiku
  • Open a patient's chart on Haiku
  • Tap on the patient's phone number and select Doximity to place the call

How can I make conference calls using Dialer? 

To make conference calls using Dialer, please follow these instructions

Troubleshooting Questions

Why can't I call out the same number that's listed as the Caller ID?

Users cannot call a number that they have as their Caller ID. You will receive the following error message 'Making calls to and from the same number are not supported'.

When I call out using Dialer, the number that appears on my phone is a completely different number that starts with a 415 area code. Why?

Note: This applies when your 'Use Internet to Place Calls' setting is off. Dialer calls utilize a Doximity relay phone line, which we then route to call your patient. The number is the number of that relay line. Don't worry, you will still be calling the original phone number you dialed.

How can patients call my cell without having my number?

Doximity Dialer is used only to make outbound calls, not receive inbound calls. It will allow you to replicate your office line on your cell phone, so when you make an outbound call to your patient, your office caller ID will appear on their phone.

If your patient calls your office phone number, your cell phone will not receive the call, your actual office phone will. The Dialer feature is not a call forwarding feature.

After I added my office line and called my patient using Dialer, it’s [still not showing the name of my hospital/showing up as unknown] on my patient’s phone. Why?

The name associated with each number on caller ID is determined by the patient’s phone carrier (ex: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.). Doximity does not have control over how this name will appear.

Doximity Dialer is able to display your office line’s number to the patient. If the call recipient’s carrier has a name associated with that office line’s number, it may display on your patient’s caller ID. The details about whether a name is shown and what name is displayed will vary carrier by carrier.

Most carriers can be contacted directly if you need the name associated with your phone number to change. The websites to do so are below, separated by carrier:

1. T-Mobile (via First Orion): https://calltransparency.com/
2. Verizon, Sprint & US Cellular (via TNS Call Guardian): https://reportarobocall.com/trf/#
3. ATT Wireless (via Hiya): https://hiya.com/manageyourcallerid

When I was setting up my account, I accidentally put in my personal cell phone number as my office number, and now I keep getting a “We are unable to complete your call" message. Is there a way I can edit or reset this so I can put in the right information?

The purpose of Dialer is to mask your personal cell phone number, so when you call your patients they see your office line on their caller ID. As such, you cannot include your personal cell phone number as your office number to use the Dialer tool.

In order to fix your number:

  • Please tap the 'Gear' icon
  • First, make sure that 'This Device Number' is your actual personal cell phone number. This number will never be displayed as your caller ID, so please do not worry
  • Then, tap on the 'Caller IDs'
  • Tap on the 'Edit' button in the top right-hand corner
  • Tap on the 'Pencil' icon to the right of the entry you wish to edit
  • Add your office number, which is the number you would like displayed on your patient’s caller ID

Why am I hearing “All circuits are busy”?

If “All Circuits are busy” it means your cell phone provider is unable to connect calls at the moment. It is not because of other users on Doximity Dialer at the same time. After masking your cell phone number, Doximity is no longer involved. When you call your patient using Dialer in the Doximity app, the call is transferred to your mobile phone carrier. Your phone carrier then contacts your patient’s phone carrier. We apologize for this inconvenience and suggest you try calling the patient outside peak hours

I've tried making a call, but I keep seeing a message that says to remove my caller ID block. How do I set my caller ID setting so my number is not private/blocked?

On most phones, you can find this option by following the steps below. If these steps do not work for you, you will need to contact your phone carrier.

If you have an iPhone:

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Tap Phone
  • Tap Show My Caller ID
  • Set Show My Caller ID to ON

If you have an Android Phone:

  • Open the standard Phone App on your phone
  • Open the menu by tapping More (3-dots icon) in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap Settings from the menu that appears
  • Tap Calls
  • Tap Additional Settings
  • Tap on Caller ID
  • Select Show number


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