1. When I dial my patient’s number, why does the app show the number as (415) 449-8801?

When you make a call to your patient, you will briefly see a temporary number (415) 449-8801 different from what you dialed. Then, you will see your patient’s phone number you dialed. This allows us to hide your phone number from your patient.

2. Will patients ever be able to see my phone number?

No, they’ll only see the “Call From” number you’ve selected. Your own mobile number will not be displayed to patients.

3. Can patients see the nickname I give to my phone numbers?

No, these nicknames are only for internal use. They will not be displayed to the recipients of your call - only the phone number will.

4. I keep getting a “We are unable to complete your call" message

Check your settings in the app. Make sure you’ve selected your device phone number as the phone you’re calling from. Also check your phone settings. Make sure you don’t have your caller ID set to private/blocked - this will prevent the app from functioning correctly.

5. Can I get calls back on this number?

Calls returned to you will be routed directly to the number, unfortunately there is no way for us to route these calls back through to you.

Our engineers are currently researching and exploring solutions that would allow you to set up a temporary phone number to receive calls back on, for a limited period of time. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to dialer@doximity.com

6. How do I choose what numbers I can use?

Visit the “Settings” from the top right corner of the app, then visit “My numbers”.

7. Is this app HIPAA-secure?

Yes. Doximity does not store any recordings of your calls.

8. Can I text using the Doximity Dialer app?

Due to HIPAA regulations, we do not have plans to add text messaging to the Doximity Dialer feature set.

9. Does this app use my data connection? (might also ask: does it use voice over IP/VOIP)

No, Doximity Dialer functions entirely by using your phone’s existing cellular connection. You must have cellular signal in order to use the app, and no call information is transmitted over your data connection.

10. Can I make international calls with Doximity Dialer?

Doximity Dialer only supports making calls to and from U.S. phone numbers.


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