The Residency Navigator

The Doximity Residency Navigator is designed to help the medical students compare residency training programs nationwide based on their career interests. Over 52,000 U.S. physicians have contributed nominations, ratings, and reviews to help medical students find the right training program. Residency Navigator combines feedback with data on residency programs across 27 specialties, and "alumni outcomes" analysis from analyzing the CVs and career paths of all U.S. physicians.

Key Stats:

  • - Over 4,000 residency programs featured across 27 specialties
  • - Program pages include 260,000 nominations, ratings/reviews from 52,000 U.S. physicians
  • - Over 75% of 3rd and 4th year medical students utilize Residency Navigator

Key Dates:

  • - Data from two surveys are in part used to create Residency Navigator.

The residency satisfaction survey, available to current residents and recent alumni who are verified Doximity members, asks about several characteristics about their residency program experience. Responses are anonymized. This survey currently remains open throughout the year.

The residency nominations survey, is available to board-certified physicians who are verified Doximity members, permits up to 5 nominations of programs that provide the best clinical training in their specialty, which is then weighted to construct an analysis that is nationally representative of the opinions of board-certified U.S. physicians in that specialty. This survey will open in late spring/early summer.

Disclaimer: The 2017-2018 version of Residency Navigator will launch late summer.

Find more info about Residency Navigator here and Data trends here


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