How to Send a Dialer Post-Call Text for the Desktop

Now after your video and phone calls, you have the option to send your patients a no-reply post-call text message for Desktop.


If your patient joins your call:

  • Start a Dialer video or voice call from the Doximity website on your computer.
  • Have your telehealth visit and hang up the video or phone call.
  • You'll then see a screen with an option at the bottom to send your patient a no-reply text. Click on 'Send Follow-Up Text'.
  • From the Texts menu, you can compose your own message, or select a pre-written message by selecting one of the following options: 'I'll try again soon', 'Please reschedule', 'Schedule follow-up', and 'Thank you note'.
  • Selecting 'I'll try again soon', 'Please reschedule', 'Schedule follow-up', or 'Thank you note' will bring up a preview of the automated text message, which you can edit to your liking. When you're ready to send it to your patient, click 'Send Text'.
  • You can also choose to 'Send this text to more patients', 'Allow one-time reply', and 'Schedule for later'.



If your patient does not join the call:

  • If your patient doesn't join your video or phone call, you can still be able to send a post-call text.
  • If the message you are typing is one you frequently send to patients, you can elect to save it as a template under 'Your Text Templates' and click 'Add Template'. Once you add a name for your template it will be added to the list of text options you see after sending a call. You can manage your templates from the dialer settings by clicking on 'Settings' from the Dialer tab.

Doximity-Dialer (1).png


Is there a way to see if my patient has read my text?

Yes, once your patient reads your text message, you will receive a notification. To receive notifications when your patient reads your message, please enable your notifications.

Please note, when you enable notifications, you will be turning on notifications for all features. We do not have a notification section for only texting, at this time.

You can also view your text history when a text has been delivered, failed to send, read by the patient, or declined. To learn how to view your text history, click this link HERE.


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