Porting Doximity Fax lines

If you have a Doximity provided Fax line and wish to port your fax line to another service, we need you to do two things.

NOTE:   We are sorry, but you cannot port your current fax line into our Fax service.


The first requirement we need is you to send us an email to CONFIRM you wish to port the fax line.

Send those emails to:   support@doximity.com

Please send them from the email address you used when you registered with us, and include the fax line in the email for confirmation.

Once we have your email request, we will send you a fax to the fax line outlined in your email.

The second requirement is for you to reply to our fax message and CONFIRM you wish to port the fax line.

Once we have both of these messages logged, we will work with our Carriers to allow the port to be completed.  When your new Vendor / Carrier reaches out to our Carriers, you can take ownership of the fax line going forward.


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