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Send Voicemail is a free feature in the Doximity app that lets eligible Doximity members directly reach their patient’s voicemail and leave a message with a callback number. It is available in the Doximity app for iOS and Android devices under the Dialer tab.

How to use Send Voicemail

  1. Open your Doximity app and select Dialer
  2. Select your callback number from the top
  3. Dial your patient's number and tap 'Send Voicemail'
  4. Your patient will see a missed call and a voicemail, but their phone will not have rung. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Send Voicemail work when calling landlines?
Send Voicemail does not work when calling landlines or VoIP (voice over IP) phone numbers.

Does Send Voicemail work when calling international numbers?
No, Send Voicemail only works when calling 10 digit U.S. mobile phone numbers. You can use Send Voicemail to connect directly to the voicemail box of any U.S. mobile number, regardless of geography or phone carrier. 

What if my patient doesn’t have their voicemail box set up? 
If you use Send Voicemail to call someone who doesn’t have their voicemail box set up, you will not be connected to their voicemail and the call will end. You can still call your patient using the free Dialer feature in the Doximity app.

What will be displayed on my patient’s phone when I call them using the Send Voicemail feature?
After you leave a voicemail on your patient’s phone With the Send Voicemail feature, your patient will see a Voicemail notification from the phone number you selected as your callback number. 

If the phone number you choose to place a call from is saved in your patient’s phone book, it will show as it’s listed in their phone book.

Can my patient pick up the incoming call?

The Send Voicemail feature will send you straight to your patient's voicemail, but individual cellular providers do vary slightly in exactly how they support Send Voicemail calling

For a handful of smaller cellular carriers, these differences mean that the call can technically be caught and answered if the patient taps the answer button at exactly the right moment.

This is very rare, so please feel free to reach out to support if this occurs while using the Send Voicemail feature.

What type of information is appropriate to include in a voicemail delivered through the Send Voicemail feature?
Doximity's Send Voicemail feature facilitates a standard over-the-telephone voicemail for the recipient using the recipient's own voicemail service. Healthcare providers should follow their organization's standard policies and procedures when leaving voicemails for patients.


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