New options are now available for the Dialer feature within Doximity

If you enjoy using the Dialer feature in the Doximity app to call patients without revealing your cell phone number, you will love the two new features we've just developed. NOTE:  These two new features are currently only available for iOS users and in beta.  We hope to have them available for our Android users within a few weeks

Want to start using these features now? Email us at and paste the following message:

I'd like to start using the Direct-to-Voicemail and One Way Text feature in the Doximity app!


Directly reach a patient’s voicemail and deliver information without spending extra time on the phone, and reduce call-back tasks for your nurse or MA.

For calls that do not require interaction like Lab results or appointment reminders, this feature has been shown to save a lot of time while still offering a personal touch and protecting your private cell phone number.

One Way Text

The Texting option allows you to send a text message to your patient's cell phone while still protecting your private cell phone number. Built-in templates make it easy to get through your patient list quickly.

We offer three templates:

  • An Appointment reminder
  • Office Directions
  • Or a Custom message


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