How Do I Use One Way Text Feature?

When we launched the Doximity Dialer app in December 2016, we didn’t anticipate just how big the demand was for a solution for clinicians to call and reach patients privately from their mobile phones.

Dialer has served as the catalyst for a more flexible and convenient approach to patient engagement and inspired us to develop 2 more features: One Way Texting and Direct-to-Voicemail.

One Way Text

The One Way Texting option allows you to send a text message to your patient's cell phone while still protecting your private cell phone number. Built-in templates make it easy to get through your patient list quickly.

How to Start Using One Way Texting 

The One Way Texting feature is currently in beta for all iPhone users. The beta will be launched for Android later this fall.

Join Doximity's Beta Program and start using One Way Texting now. 

 Note: The beta is currently available for iPhone users. The Android app will have the texting feature available in a few months. 

Steps 1-3: Open the Doximity app and go to the Dialer tab.

    1. Choose the Call-Back number to append to your text.
    2. Enter your patient’s phone number.
    3. Tap the One Way Text icon to compose a textOne_Way_Text_Steps_1_2_3.png

Step 4: Choose a text template or write your own text.


Step 5-6: Edit and send your text.


Step 7: You will see a Text Sent message upon text delivery.



Once your patient reads your text message, you will receive a notification.





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