Care Teams for Doximity Dialer

Any healthcare professional can use Dialer in the Doximity app by joining their physician's Care Team on Doximity. Read instructions below, or scroll to the bottom for an instruction guide with screenshots and a 60-second video tutorial.

Joining a Care Team

1. Go to

2. You'll be prompted to sign in or sign up for a free Doximity account

As an exclusive network for healthcare professionals, we verify all of our members. 
If you're signing up for a new Doximity account, please be patient while we verify you.

3. Then, you'll go to the Join a Care Team page.

4. Type the first and last name of a physician you work with the most.

Work with multiple physicians? Choose the one you work most closely with.

5. Tap Search. Then, select the physician to join their Care Team.

Only Doximity registered & verified doctors are searchable.
You can't search for NPs, PA, or pharmacists.
Invite a physician to Doximity:

6. Once you successfully joined a Care Team, you’ll see a confirmation message.

7. Then, you'll be prompted to download the Doximity app.

8. Follow the steps here to set up Dialer in the Doximity app: How to Set Up Dialer

60 Second Dialer TutorialDialer Set Up Guide PDF

How Physicians Can Add a Care Team Member

Physicians who are verified and registered on Doximity can invite up to 20 members of their healthcare team to also use Doximity Dialer, via their Care Team. 

1. Invite your staff to join your Care Team. Once they're in, they can start using Doximity Dialer. Share below message and link:

Join my Care Team on Doximity to start using Dialer. Dialer lets you call patients from your cell phone, and displays 
the office/clinic phone number on the patient's Caller ID. Join my team:

2. They will be asked to register or sign in
 to Doximity.

3. They will then be asked to search and select your name

4. Then they will tap Join Care Team.

5. They will then be able to install the Doximity app and use Dialer from their own account.


Prefer step by step instructions and screenshots? Visit the guide here or watch video below.

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