Setting Up Dialer (Nurses, Social Workers & other medical professionals)

You need to be a verified, registered member of Doximity order to access Dialer. If you are not, please use the following links first: 

 Setting Up Dialer 

Dialer requires you have the Doximity mobile app. Please download it and sign in. If you do not see the Dialer icon once you sign in, then you are not verified.

Then, watch the video below or read the more detailed step-by-step instructions.


Step-by-Step Instructions 

Once you sign in, tap the Dialer icon (icon.png) near the bottom of your screen

Tap the blue Link My Phone button on the pop-up.  Tap on it.


You will be prompted to “Call +1 (415)-xxx-xxx, xxxxxx”. This is an automated call, the last 6 digits on the number are used for verification purposes.

Note: If for some reason you do not see the Link My Phone screen you will have to manually update your Settings. Your cell phone needs to be linked directly to your Dialer account in order to work properly. This typically happens during your onboarding. However, if for some reason it does not, then you will need to manually link it.  

  • Open up the Doximity application and tap on the Dialer tab
  • Tap on the Settings button (the gear icon under the number 7)
  • Tap on This Device Number
  • Enter your real cell phone number here
  • Tap on Save

If you have an office number associated with your profile, you are all done with the setup. You should see a screen saying You’re In!. You can start using Dialer.

  • If you do not have an office number, it will ask you for one on the next screen. Enter the number you want to display on your patient’s caller ID. 
  • The number at the top of the Dialer screen is the phone number that will be displayed on your patient’s caller ID when you use Doximity Dialer.


To place a call, dial your patient’s phone number on the keypad and tap the green call button.

  • You will see “Call +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx” number. This is a bridge line that will connect you to your call, but hide your number. Don't worry, the number you put into Dialer is the one being called. If it calms you, try testing with a friend or spouse first. 

If you are not verified, it will prompt you to Get Verified.

That’s it! You will be connected to the recipient of your call, and they will see your office number on their caller ID.


PLEASE NOTE: To help with the transition to a paid plan, we are offering 20 calls in 2021. Once you hit the 20 call limit, a Pro subscription is needed to unlock Dialer.


Other questions:   Dialer FAQ

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