What is a Care Team?

In order to support ongoing communication needs between healthcare professionals and their patients, we've expanded Doximity Dialer access to all members of the healthcare team through Care Teams. 

We set up Care Teams as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The quickest way to scale was to lean on our verified physician members to grant Doximity Dialer access to up to 20 members of their staff and healthcare team. 

All healthcare professionals, upon verification, can use Doximity Dialer after joining a physician's Care Team*. Here's how.



We understand there are some healthcare professionals that do not interact with physicians and that this does not mirror the real world. We apologize for that. Care Teams have allowed us to safely and efficiently grant Doximity Dialer access to as many healthcare professionals as we can. Thank you for understanding and for all that you're doing.





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