Dialer Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

We have a few known errors that can appear when using the dialer to call patients.


Doximity Dialer Line Is No Longer Configured Error

When using the Dialer feature, the device number must be the number associated with the phone and not the number you wish to have displayed when placing calls. Dialer will not work properly if this number does not match your cell phone number.

Why does my name show up misspelled/ show my partner's name when I call my patients?

Doximity Dialer does not change the name on a patient's caller ID. The name you set in your caller ID name on Dialer does not get sent to patients, only the associated number.

If your name appears on a patient’s caller ID, there are a couple of scenarios why this is happening:

  • The patient has saved your office number in their contacts 
  • The patient has a carrier caller ID (through AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc). The carriers craft their own number: name relationships and might have misspelled your name or associated a different partner’s name to the number.
  • The patient has a spam blocker (like YouMail, Robokiller, etc. Those also have address books of number: name relationships and could have misspelled this.

I have Blocked Caller ID On My Phone

Caller ID cannot be blocked while using Dialer. There are two ways CallerID can be blocked. 

  1. Caller ID is blocked by default through your phone carrier. You will need to contact your phone carrier and request to have your number unblocked if you wish to use the Dialer feature.
  2. Caller ID is set to blocked/private on your phone.  This is an option on the "settings" section of phones. If you have blocked your Caller ID through your settings, you will have to unblock it to use the Dialer feature. Here's how. 

“Oops! Something went wrong when trying to load Dialer.” 

  1. If you are on wifi, turn off wifi and re-open your Doximity app. We’ve heard from a few users that their office/hospital/institution Wifi firewall has marked Doximity as social media and prevents these requests from making it through. This will prevent Dialer from being able to make the request to our servers.

  2. Check your signal strength: If you’re not on wifi and see this error, it’s possible you don’t have enough data signal to make the request to the internet to make the Dialer calls. Dialer does make a request over the internet to Doximity servers prior to the call.


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