How to Setup Automatic Updates for the Doximity App

Make sure your Doximity app is up-to-date to access the latest feature set.  

Here's how you can turn on your automatic updates on your mobile device:


  • Tap the 'Settings' app on your phone
  • Tap 'App Store'
  • In the Automatic Downloads section, turn on 'App Updates' by swiping the button to the right




  • Open the 'Google Play Store' app 
  • Tap the three horizontal lines on the top-left

NOTE: If you do not see the three horizontal lines, tap on your 'menu' icon instead located in the top-right


  • Tap 'Settings'
  • Under General, tap 'Auto-update' apps

You can then choose to auto-update your app 'Over any network' or 'Over Wi-fi only'



If you have updated to the latest version of the app and still don’t see the features you expect, please delete and reinstall the Doximity App.

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