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General Questions

What devices support Dialer Video?

Dialer Video is available on the Doximity App for iPhone and Android. A desktop version is currently in beta (sign up for the waitlist here). 

Device OS requirements: 

  • iPhone software version 11.0 or higher
  • Android software version 6.0 or higher. 

Here's how to find out what version OS your phone has. 

Doximity App requirements: 

  • You must have the latest version of the Doximity App on your device. Here’s how to check your app version. 

Desktop (and iPad) Browser Requirements:

  • iPad: safari
  • MacOS Desktop: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Windows Desktop: Chrome, Safari

Is Dialer available for the iPad?

No. Dialer is only available for iOS and Android powered mobile phones. We are currently rolling out a desktop version that will be available form any browser (sign up for waitlist here).

There are two ways to access Dialer Video from Safari on your iPad:

  • Type in doximity.com/dialer/video OR
  • From the doximity.com homepage, tap on your profile picture and you’ll see the “Dialer Video” tab.

Who can use Dialer Video?

To use any of Doximity Dialer’s communication tools (video, calling, voicemail or texting), you must be:

  • A verified Doximity member
  • If you’r e a physician, NP, PA, pharmacist or medical student, you can use Dialer now
  • Otherwise, you must also be on a physician’s Care Team on Doximity 

Can't I just use FaceTime?

Apple's FaceTime is limited to iPhones. With Dialer Video your patient can join you on an Android or Apple phone or a web browser on their desktop computer. More info under Patient Resources


Feature Questions

Can I add a third participant to my video call?

Yes, to add a third participant (another patient, doctor, nurse, resident, etc.) to your call:

Mobile App

  • Tap the Share button in the top right corner of the call screen. 
  • This will prompt you to share the video call URL via text or email.

Note: Sharing the link through the app will NOT keep your number private. Recipients will see your personal cell number.  

PDF instructions: here


  • You can add a 3rd participant by sending them the video call URL via text or email. This URL can be found on the Patient Queue below the phone number of the patient OR in the browser of the video call. More details here

Can I join the call from my computer?

We're currently working on a desktop version of Dialer Video, if you’d like to notified when it’s ready to test out, please complete this form. In the meantime, there is a way for you and your patients to join on your computer or tablet. Here's how.

What does the Recents tab do? 

Recents shows a log of all the video calls you’ve had using Dialer Video (including calls on the Doximity App and on desktop). It also shows you the time you sent the video call invite to your patient and how long you were on the video call with them. 

Can I view a history or log of my video calls? 

Yes, you can. On the main Dialer screen, there is a clock icon titled “Recents” placed on the right of the number “0”. Clicking this icon will give you access to your call log and the time duration of each call. 

Mobile App
Go to the "recents" button on the Dialer tab. You'll see an option for "Videos". This includes a list of all video calls including the timestamp and total call duration.

Click on the Recents tab within Dialer Video. This tab includes a list of all video calls you’ve had including the timestamp and total call duration.

How do I rejoin a video call with my patient?

The video call link will be accessible by the patient for 5 hours after it's first created. If you hang up the video call with your patient, you can rejoin:

Mobile App

  1. Tap "rejoin" on the screen when you first hang-up, or 
  2. Go to your "recents" and open the "Videos" tab. If you hold down one of the call records, you'll see an option for "Join Video Call". Tapping this will bring you back to the video call.


  1. Click the ‘Rejoin’ button on the screen when you first hang-up, or
  2. Click the ‘Join’ button on patient queue screen 

Your patient will need to access the video call through the link sent via SMS.

Will my personal number ever be visible to my patient?

No. The caller ID number used in the Dialer App is what your patient will see on their device and on their phone bills. Your personal number will never be available to the patient through Dialer.

Will I be notified when my patient joins the call? 

Yes, we will send you a text message from a 415 number when your patient joins the video call. The text will only be sent when your patient joins the call if you decide to leave the call before they join.

Can I call my patient and walk them through the process? 

Yes! If you want to take a patient step by step through the process as you start the video call, it is best to utilize Call Nudge

If you want to contact the ahead of the call, know that if your patient clicks on the text to join your video call while you are on the phone with them, they will receive an error. Smartphones do not allow applications to access microphone/camera while the phone is being used for a call. Therefore, you will need to hang up before they click on the link. 

What does the timestamp mean on the patient queue?

The patient queue is visible on the Desktop version of Dialer Video. The time shown on your patient queue is the time you sent the video call invite to your patient.

How long will my patients be in the patient queue for?

The patient queue is visible on the Desktop version of Dialer Video. Your patients will say in the patient queue for 5 hours after you send the invite because this is how long the video call links last. Once the 5 hours is up, that patient log will move to your recents tab.


Security Questions

Is Doximity Dialer Video HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Doximity is secure, facilitating encrypted, HIPAA compliant communications with patients. Read more here

Are video calls recorded?

No, video calls are not and will never be recorded.

Do video links expire?

Video links expire 5 hours after the call is first placed. Video links change every time you start a new video call; video links cannot be re-used for other patients. 

If patients access a link after the expiration period, they will see a screen that tells them the link is no longer accessible and to contact their medical provider's office.

Can I edit the message sent to my patient?

No. For security purposes, we do not allow you to edit the message sent to patients. 

How do I make sure my personal mobile number is not visible to patients when I place a video call?

Make sure to select the proper "caller ID" number at the top of the Dialer screen before initiating the video call. 

The number selected as caller ID will be used in the secure message sent to your patient. E.g., If you select your office number of (415) 555-4444, then the message will display "If you have any questions, please call (415) 555-4444.

Can patients see the nickname(s) I give to my phone numbers?

No, the nicknames you give your callback numbers are for your internal use. They will not be displayed to the recipients of your call - only the phone number will.

Can I get a BAA? 

The Doximity member BAA is incorporated into the Doximity Terms of Service. The execution date of your BAA would be the date you agreed to the Terms of Service in connection with your Doximity account registration. If you are interested at an institution level, reach out to hospitals@doximity.com for more information.

Are enterprise partnerships available? 

Yes, we offer enterprise partnerships. Reach out to hospitals@doximity.com for more information.


Troubleshooting Questions




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