Tips for Good Dialer Video Call Quality

Video calls can be joined using wifi or cellular data. A poor connection can lead to a dropped call or inability to connect. Since the invitation to a video call is sent via text, most Dialer Video calls are taken on the phone. Here are some tips to ensure quality calls: 

  • Check browser requirements: Dialer Video works on most modern phones. If in doubt, please check that your browser meets the minimum requirements.
  • Try another network: Slow to connect? Sometimes switching your connection helps. On your phone, go to settings. If having trouble on cellular, turn on Wifi and try another call. If vice versa, turn off Wifi and try again.
  • Move closer to your router: If your wifi signal is poor, try positioning yourself close to your router or rebooting your router.
  • Disconnect other devices from your network: Every device connected to your wifi network will take up bandwidth. If your network cannot handle the stress, try disconnecting other devices.
  • 'Your internet connection is unstable' message: If you receive the following message, 'Your internet connection is unstable', we suggest that you leave the video call and try rejoining to see if that resolves the issue.

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