How to join a Dialer Video call on your Computer (if you're the patient)

The following are instructions for Patients ONLY.

Dialer Video relies on text message to initiate a conversation. However, there are two different ways for you to join on your computer from your phone.


Option 1: From Within the Call on Your Smart Phone 

Send link via video window if experiencing issues with audio while on a video call

Please follow these steps.

1. Join the video call via the text message. Allow camera and microphone access. Tap "Join the video call.'

2. If you begin to experience audio issues, tap the message "Email Video Link" on the banner at the top of the video room window. 


3. Tapping on this will open your email app. The link to the video call will be filled out automatically. Enter your email in the "To" field to send the email link to yourself.


4. Tap send. Open your email on your desktop or laptop computer. 


5. Click on the link to open your Dialer Video call in your browser.


2. Copy Link From the Text Message Invite


1. From the Video call invite text, press and hold down on the link to pull up the action sheet. 
2. Select Copy Link.
3. Open your email client, tap the blank message body, and select Paste to paste the URL to an email addressed to yourself. 


4. Open your email on your computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.



These steps assume that Chrome is your default Internet browser.  If Chrome is not your default browser, you can long-press the address bar in step 2 to copy the link, then paste it in an email or message to yourself.
  1. Tap the link in the Video call invite text
  2. From your browser, tap the address bar
  3. Tap the share icon that appears under the address bar
  4. You can share it with yourself however you like.  In the example, gmail is selected
  5. Address the email to yourself and send it
  6. Open your email on your computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.


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