How to Use Call Nudge on Desktop

Call Nudge is a feature in Dialer Video to help you keep on schedule. Sometimes patients can miss the text you've sent them or forget about your scheduled video visit.

Call nudge allows you to call your patient without leaving the video call room. Your call will appear to the patient as coming from your office number and allow you to check-in with the patient to see if they're still available for a video visit.

How it works:

  • Start a video call. 
  • Click on the 'Phone' icon located in the Call Nudge sectionThis will call using the caller ID listed at the top of the call screen (in the example below, "Doximity Support").

Doximity-Dialer-Video (12).png

  • Now you'll see a drop-down list of all the dialer Caller ID numbers you've set in the Mobile App.
  • The number you select in the drop-down list is the number that your patients will see when using Call Nudge, when you click on 'Place Call'.


  • When your patient picks up, tell them to look for the text you sent them and tap the link.
    • Your texts will come from a Doximity-owned 5 digit phone number (e.g. 882-86)
    • If your patient doesn't see the text, click 'Resend Text' and another text will be sent to them


  • When the patient taps the link, they will need to enable access to their camera and microphone. Please inform them to tap 'allow' when prompted.
  • The voice call will automatically hang up. This allows the patient's microphone and camera to be ready for the video call.
  • Your patient should enter the video call shortly thereafter.
  • Still having trouble? You can always call the patient back to clarify if they're having issues until they reach the video call.




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