What are 'Colleagues' and why should I add them?

Your colleague list helps you to keep track of your professional connections. Adding someone as a colleague places them on your contact list, allowing you to quickly access and communicate with these individuals. You can also share private contact information with colleagues, such as mobile numbers, backlines, pagers, and email addresses.

Please note, in order to use our DoxMail feature, you must be a verified member and mutually connected to the verified recipient. If you do not have the option to send DoxMail, this means that either you or the recipient is not verified, or you are not mutually connected as colleagues on Doximity.


To add a colleague, go to that user's profile and click on the blue 'Add Colleague' button.

When sending a colleague request, you can also send a personal message as well.



You can also remove colleagues at any time. To remove a colleague:

  • Login to your Doximity account
  • Click on the 'Colleagues' tab
  • To the right of the page, located under Your Colleague Network, click on 'Your Colleagues'

You can also access this page by clicking this link: https://www.doximity.com/colleagues/connections

  • Click on the colleague profile you would like to remove
  • Click on the gray 'Colleague' button under the profile picture
  • You will receive a message asking 'Are you sure you want to remove this person from your colleague list?' Click the blue 'OK' button

The selected Colleague will now be removed from your colleagues list.

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