How to do a split-screen with Dialer Video

It’s very common for physicians to want to take notes in their EHR while on a call with a patient. You can easily do this when using Dialer Video on your phone (hint: just prop the phone up next to your computer).

Here’s how you do it on a Dialer Video Desktop: 

  1. Open your EHR on your computer.
  2. Click your EHR window’s border and drag it down to resize the window
  3. Then, click and drag the window to the right to make it smaller. We recommend you place your EHR window on one half of the screen to leave room for your video call. 
  4. Now, open your preferred internet browser and go to Dialer Video Desktop
  5. Now, resize your internet browser that has Dialer Video by clicking and dragging the border of the window.
  6. We recommend placing your Dialer Video window on one side of the screen, and your EHR window on the other side of your screen.
  7. Now, you can place video calls with your patients in Dialer Video Desktop while charting in your EHR. Get ready to chat and chart!

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