How to Send a Fax and Other Features on your iOS Device

How to Send a Fax

How to Save a Fax as a Draft

Other Faxing Options: Signature, Text, Pen, Date and Rotate


How to Send a Fax

To send a fax from your iOS device, please:

  • Access Doximity on your iOS device
  • Tap on the 'Fax' button in the bottom right corner
  • You will then enter your passcode or use face recognition to log in to view your faxes
  • Tap on the 'New Fax' icon in the top right corner
  • Enter the Fax number or name of our Colleague at the top
  • If needed, you can also CC your EHR by entering their fax number in 'EHR fax number'
  • Enter Text in the area above the Cover option: 'Optional cover page text'
  • Tap 'Send' in the top right corner
  • Once the fax is sent, you will then be able to find it under the 'Sent' tab

Note: You can attach a file by tapping on the '+' icon which will give you the option to 'Select a file', 'Scan a Document', 'Take a photo', 'photo from library', and 'Compose a letter'.

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Scan Document' feature is only available for iOS devices running 16.0 or higher.




When adding an attachment, you can tap on the 'Toggle' button located to the right of 'Contains Images' at the bottom of the fax to retain image quality. Note, attachments cannot be over 50 megs in size, or the fax will fail.


To cancel a fax while it is in 'sending', tap on the word 'Undo'.


After you tap on 'Undo', this will move your fax to your Drafts tab where you will be able to make any necessary edits that are needed before sending it. 


How to Save a Fax as a Draft

To save a fax as a draft, tap on the cancel button located in the upper left-hand corner of the fax you wish to save. The options 'Delete Draft' and 'Save Draft' will appear at the bottom of your screen.


Tap on 'Save Draft' to save the fax in your 'Draft' tab.

All saved drafts can be found under your 'Draft' tab located between 'Sent' and 'Archive'.

Please note, once you save a fax as a draft, you cannot edit any of your attachments.


Other Faxing Options

We offer five different faxing feature options when faxing from the app on an iOS device.

To use the following faxing options, you must first tap on 'Edit' located at the bottom right of your screen.


The following options are: Signature, Text, Pen, Date and Rotate


How to Add a SignatureHow_to_Send_a_Fax_and_Other_Features_on_your_iOS_Device__1_.png

  • Tap on the top 'signature' icon to add a signature to your phone

You can learn more on this feature by clicking HERE.

How to Add TextHow_to_Send_a_Fax_and_Other_Features_on_your_iOS_Device__2_.png

  • Tap on the 'Text' icon
  • Tap on the screen for the text box to appear
  • You can also change the font type and size
  • Once you are done, tap on the 'Done' button
  • You can also move or resize your text by dragging the blue points
  • Tap on the text if you wish to 'Edit', 'Copy' or 'Remove'

How to Use the Pen ToolHow_to_Send_a_Fax_and_Other_Features_on_your_iOS_Device__3_.png

  • Tap on the 'Pen' tool to manually draw or write on your fax
  • When you are finished, tap on the 'Done' button
  • If you wish to remove the drawing, tap on 'Edit'
  • Tap on the drawing and then tap on 'Remove'
  • You can also move or resize your text by dragging the blue points

How to Add a DateHow_to_Send_a_Fax_and_Other_Features_on_your_iOS_Device__4_.png

  • Tap on the 'Calendar' icon to add the current date
  • To change the date, tap on 'Edit'
  • You can also 'Copy' and 'Remove' the date
  • You can also move or resize your text by dragging the blue points

How to Rotate a FaxHow_to_Send_a_Fax_and_Other_Features_on_your_iOS_Device__5_.png

  • To rotate your fax, tap on the 'Rotate' button

Please note: You must have the latest Doximity version 15.13.0 or higher in order to use this feature.


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