Doximity Career Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

- Why do you have a profile for me?  

The Doximity directory has a stub profile for nearly all US medical professionals, which includes basic information collected from public sources, such as National Provider Identifier (NPI) data. 

Doximity maintains and updates the stub profile until it is claimed by its owner. 

- How come I cannot use the features even though I am registered for Doximity?  (Unverified Users) 

If you are unable to use the features on Doximity, then your profile is unverified. If you are logged in to the Doximity website or mobile app and are not verified you will see instructions on how to do so. If you still have questions on your verification status, please submit a support request. 

- Is my information being sold to firms? Why did you give my contact info away? Am I able to opt-out of being contacted by firms?

Employers may contact you via our network for opportunities. Your personal contact information is only provided when you authorize it. Your information is never sold to any firms or third parties. You can update your career preferences to receive more relevant opportunities or update your communication preferences to opt-out of these emails.

- Is my employer able to see that I am seeking other opportunities? 

No. Your employer is not able to see your interactions with employment opportunities on our platform.

- I spoke to you guys last week. Why haven’t I received a response about the job?

When you respond to an opportunity, Doximity will update the recruiter immediately, however, recruiters are able to respond at their own discretion. You are welcome to send a follow-up message.

- How is Doximity affiliated with Curative 

Doximity has partnered with Curative to create a first-ever business model for healthcare staffing that uses technology to re-engineer delivery by focusing on a personalized search that connects medical groups and healthcare facilities with a far-reaching network of highly qualified vetted practitioners. Curative is a wholly-owned subsidiary for Doximity. Doximity does not share contact information with Curative. Rather, Doximity empowers Curative by using data science to match their jobs with clinicians that are most likely to be interested in them.


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