Quicksites FAQ

What is a Quicksite?

Your Quicksite is a personalized website that you created using data from your Doximity profile.  The site uses your name as the URL so it is found more easily by patients when they are searching for you on Google.


Why is Doximity stopping support of Quicksites?

Doximity has decided that hosting of individual domains is a service that is best handled by individual clinicians themselves.  


How do I transfer the domain to my ownership?

    1. Choose a domain hosting service. Google Domains, GoDaddy, or NameCheap are examples of companies that both host the domain and provide website hosting services as well. However you are free to work with any company that you prefer.
    2. Confirm that the email address used for the domain hosting service is the same email address used for your Doximity account
    3. Go through the transfer process that your chosen domain hosting service provides for transferring a domain into your possession.
    4. Once the request is received from your domain hosting service, Doximity will act upon the request and complete the final step of the transfer process.

At this point, the transfer process can take several weeks, so be patient!


What if I don’t want to do anything with the domain?

It isn’t necessary to immediately put up a website at your domain. You can simply transfer ownership to yourself via one of the domain hosting services mentioned and park the domain there. No one else will be able to own it if you do this.


What if I don’t take possession of my domain?

If you don’t take possession of your domain, it will eventually be released. This means that anyone could take possession of the Quicksites domain name.


What if I have questions?

Please contact support@doximity.com if you have additional questions.

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