Group Calling on Dialer Video Calls - Pro & Enterprise Only

Now on your video calls, you’ll have the option to add up to 2 additional participants. To see how the group calling feature works follow the steps below or watch this quick video explainer.


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How to access the group calling feature 

How to use the 5 group calling options


How to access the group calling feature

Once you are connected with your patient, to add another participant, click on the 'add call' icon at the bottom of the screen.


This will initiate the option to add a participant to your call in 4 different ways. You may also add an interpreter via the 'interpreter' button on the tools menu.



How to use the 5 group calling options

Option 1: Add an Interpreter

Tap on the Interpreter icon. This will bring up the screen below where you can enter your interpreter's number, and tap 'Save & Call'. After this, an audio-only call will be placed to your interpreter's number and they'll be added to the call with your patient.



Note: If you need to change your stored interpreter number(s) you can do so at any time by tapping the Settings icon on your dialer home screen. 

Once you have saved your interpreter number(s), you may access these interpreter number(s) by tapping on the interpreter button. You may also add multiple interpreter numbers in this menu. Screen_Shot_2021-06-23_at_11.41.10_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-06-23_at_11.41.59_PM.png



Option 2: Patient Hand-Off

Tap the Patient hand-off icon. This will bring up the pop-up window below where you can enter the cell phone number of the person you are handing off your patient too. If you are done with the visit, tap 'Send & Hang Up' this will send a text inviting the patient hand-off participant to the call. You can also tap 'Send & Stay On' if you want to remain on the call with your patient while the hand-off participant joins. 


Option 3: Colleague 

Tap the Colleague icon. This option is great if your patient needs to meet with another member of your team during their visit. This will bring up the pop-up window below where you can enter your colleague's cell number to invite them to the call. After tapping 'Send Text' you'll see a confirmation on your screen that the text was sent.


Option 4: Family Member 

Tap the Family Member icon. This will bring up a dial pad pop up where you can type in any US phone number. Tap the green icon to start the call. This option is great for adding family members or anyone that doesn't need to be on video for the visit. 


Option 5: Copy link to video

Tap the Copy link icon. This will automatically copy the video link to your clipboard. This option is best if you want to email the link to your patient/additional participant so they can join via computer. 

PLEASE NOTE: By sharing the link via Email, the 3rd person WILL see your Private Email address. It is now up to the 3rd person to click on the link you shared with them so they can join the Video Call.



For Android users, please refer to this FAQ by clicking here.

Please note, your screen may differ depending on whether you have an iOS or Android device.


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