How to See a History of Your Dialer Video Calls on the App

A record of every call you initiate can be found in 'Recents' or 'History', available on the mobile app and when logged in on the Doximity website. 


From the Doximity App

On the main Dialer screen, there is a 'History' or 'Recents' button.

Tapping this button will give you access to your call log and the time duration of each call.

To view your list of calls that have been made using the Dialer feature just keep scrolling down to view older records.

'Recents' or 'History' shows a log of all the video calls you’ve had using Dialer Video (including calls on the Doximity App and on desktop).

It also shows you the time you sent the video call invite to your patient and how long you were on the video call with them.

NOTE: We do not offer an option to remove data from the 'Recents' or 'History'.







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