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Doximity is providing doctors with a new tool in the fight against COVID-19. We have partnered with WeHealth, the organization behind Covid Watch Arizona, a leading exposure notification smartphone app designed to slow the spread of COVID-19 using privacy-preserving Bluetooth technology.

Through this partnership, verified licensed Doximity clinicians will be able to generate verification codes for patients with a positive COVID-19 test result. Doctors can now provide their patient with that verification code at the point-of-care so that exposure notifications are received faster, stopping the chain of transmission.

Verification codes confirm positive test results within the Covid Watch Arizona app’s exposure notification system. Covid Watch Arizona is a voluntary program to help keep your loved ones and community safe by anonymously sharing that positive diagnosis. The Covid Watch Arizona app does not collect personal identifying information or your location and instead uses anonymous Bluetooth signals to register your proximity and duration to other smartphone users. The app is intended to notify others of their risk based upon your interaction with one another and is always anonymous. 


Currently, this tool is only available in the state of Arizona. If you would like to help us enable the feature for your state, please contact us at dialer@doximity.com

  • You must have an Arizona medical license, nurse practitioner license or physician assistant license.
  • You must be a verified Doximity member. See how to get verified here.
  • If you have both of the above qualifications but do not see the Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis button on your Dialer home screen, contact support@doximity.com with the subject line "Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis."

How to use the Doximity Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis tool

We have built the Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis tool to Doximity Dialer to make it easy to send your patient a verification code after informing them of their positive test results. We recommend that you follow your standard process to inform your patients of their lab results and not rely on the text message sent by this tool. We also recommend that you inform them that you will be sending them the text so they are expecting it and will be more likely to anonymously share their diagnosis.

  • Install, open and sign in to the Doximity mobile app.
  • Tap on the Dialer tab at the bottom. If you haven’t set up Dialer yet, please proceed through the setup steps.
  • Tap the "Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis" button. If you do not see this button, see the Eligibility section above.


  • Enter the patient’s phone number and symptom onset date (optional).


  • Tap Submit.
  • Tap the "X" button to return to the Doximity Dialer tab.

What your patient will see

  • After the clinician submits the patient’s phone number, the patient will receive a text message from the Arizona Department of Health.
  • The text will contain a unique link to verify.wehealth.org.


  • For patients who had the Covid Watch Arizona app installed and exposure notifications enabled prior to receiving the text message:
    • Upon clicking the link, the Covid Watch Arizona app will open and the patient will be asked to anonymously share their diagnosis
    • After submitting, any person participating in the program who came into prolonged contact with the patient within 14 days will receive an anonymous notification of their exposure to a COVID positive person. To receive notifications, the exposed person must have had exposure notifications enabled at the time of exposure to the COVID positive patient.
    • The identity of your patient will remain anonymous to those receiving exposure notifications. Only an approximate date of the exposure will be shared with the recipient of the exposure notification (roughly a two day window to maintain anonymity).
  • For patients who did not have the app installed or exposure notifications were not enabled prior to receiving verification code:
    • These patients are still encouraged to download the Covid Watch Arizona app and enter the verification code. They will also receive important COVID-19 updates for Arizona.


  • Why don’t I see the Verify COVID-19 Diagnosis button?
    • Access to this tool is limited to AZ licensed and verified MD, DO, NP and PA credentialed members. Please see the Eligibility section above. If you believe you meet that criteria and do not see the button, contact support@doximity.com for help.
  • Am I required to submit positive COVID-19 diagnoses to the Covid Watch Arizona?
    • No. Participation in the program is voluntary and intended to help keep your patients’ loved ones and communities safe. Along with other public health measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing, it is another tool to help fight COVID-19.
  • Is this HIPAA compliant?
    • Yes. Doximity securely relays the verification request to the Covid Watch Arizona system. Doximity does not retain patient identifiable information, only information necessary for security and audit purposes.
  • How do I know if the patient has opted in to this system?
    • Doximity is unable to provide a way to identify which patient’s have opted into the Covid Watch Arizona system. Submitting a patient’s phone number will still send a text to the patient regardless of their opt in status. If a patient receives a text message and has not previously opted into the Covid Watch Arizona program, they will not be able to anonymously notify potentially exposed contacts. However, clicking on the link will not cause an issue.
  • Will the Covid Watch Arizona app work on my patient’s phone?
    • The Covid Watch Arizona app will work on most Android and iOS phones. You can see what devices are compatible here.
  • My patient has a question about the Covid Watch Arizona app
    • For general questions in regards to the Covid Watch Arizona app, app users can visit the Covid Watch Arizona FAQ page here.
  • My patient is experiencing an issue with the Covid Watch Arizona mobile app
    • If a Covid Watch Arizona app user is experiencing an issue with the app, they can report an issue to the Covid Watch Arizona program here. Select “Mobile App” from the drop down menu and submit a ticket. It’s always helpful to attach screenshots and/or videos of the issue(s).

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