How to Place a Dialer Video Call from Epic Hyperspace

If your institution has integrated their Epic instance with Dialer, you can start a Dialer Video call directly from Hyperspace. 

Note: These instructions are specific to Epic Hyperspace. If you are using Haiku, follow these instructions instead.

The first time you launch Doximity Dialer from your Epic instance, you will need to log in to Doximity to create a link between your Epic and Doximity accounts. The steps below will only need to be completed the first time you launch from Epic. 

If you do not already have a Doximity account, please follow the steps to register an account


Next, launch Doximity Dialer from your Epic instance. You will be taken to an authorization page where you will need to sign in with your Doximity username and password.



After signing in, you will be re-directed to the Doximity EHR Connect consent page. You must consent to connect your Epic account to your Doximity account by clicking “Authorize.” This will allow subsequent Dialer launches from Epic to automatically authenticate your Doximity account and go straight to Dialer without having to log in.



You will then be redirected to Dialer with the patient's phone number pre-populated (when available). Click the 'green camera' icon to initiate a Dialer Video call.



Note: On your first Dialer launch from Epic Hyperspace, the patient phone number may not be pre-populated. This limitation is expected and normal. On all subsequent Dialer launches you make from Epic, the patient phone number will be populated. Simply close your browser and re-launch Dialer from Epic to have the patient's phone number populate.

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