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How to make a Dialer Voice call on your Computer

Adding a new Caller ID

Making a Voice Call

In an active Voice Call

How do I redial a patient?

Dialer Voice on Desktop Restrictions

Country/Territory Support



Dialer Voice on desktop allows users to start voice calls from their computer. Within the Dialer tab, you now have access to both voice and video calling and can initiate either call type at the click of a button.

Dialer Voice Desktop can be accessed by navigating to:




How to make a Dialer Voice call on your computer 

  1. Visit on your computer or navigate to the Dialer tab on
  2. Before making a Voice call, select the caller ID that you’d like to appear on your patient’s phone. You can add a new caller ID by clicking the drop-down list above the patient phone number field.



Adding a new Caller ID

  • Click on 'Add/Edit Caller ID' in the Caller ID drop-down list or go to Dialer Settings.
  • Both will take you to the settings page. Click on Add Caller ID and enter the number and a Nickname you’d like to use.

Note: Your Caller ID must be a valid, US-based phone number



  • Once you add and save your new Caller ID, it will appear as your default number
  • If you’d like to use a different Caller ID, simply select it from the top drop-down list 


Making a Voice Call

  • Enter your patient’s phone number into the field and click the ‘Voice’ button


Note: Calls will work to any US-based mobile or landline phone

  • After clicking the ‘Voice’ button the call will start and you’ll see an active call screen:




In an active Voice Call

During your call, you will be able to see the following: 

    • The Caller ID number currently calling from  
    • The patient number dialed
    • A call timer displaying the duration of the current call
    • A ‘Mute’ ’button with the ability to mute the call audio
    • A 'Keypad' button to open a keypad view
    • An 'Add' button to add additional participants to the call
    • An ‘End Call’ button to end the call
  • Clicking the 'Keypad' button will open the numeric keypad while in a call. You can then click keys to enter an extension or navigate phone menus. Click `Hide` to return to the main call screen.


  • You can leave the call at any time by clicking the red ‘End Call’ icon at the bottom of the active Dialer call screen.
  • After clicking ‘End Call’ you are given the option to redial the call or go back to the Dialer voice homepage.




How do I redial a patient?

  • You can redial a previous call in two different ways:
    • From the call ended screen by clicking ‘Call Again


    • From the ‘History’ list on your Dialer desktop homepage
      • After you click the ‘Start Call’ button a new call will immediately be initiated to your patient



Note: The Caller ID that you used during the original call you placed will be the same one used in the redial. If you would like to use a different Caller ID you’d need to place a new call and select the one you’d like to use from the drop-down list on the top right side of the Dialer home view. 


Dialer Voice on desktop Restrictions:

  • Users must be verified to initiate a Dialer Voice call
  • Dialer Free: MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, and students have access to unlimited video and voice calls with a 40-minute limit. 
  • Dialer Pro / Dialer Enterprise: These subscriptions give users access to unlimited Dialer usage 

Country/Territory Support

We support calling to and sending SMS to the following territories and countries:

  • American Samoa (+1684)
  • Canada (+1)
  • Guam (+1671)
  • Northern Mariana Islands (+1670)
  • Puerto Rico (+1787)
  • United States (+1)
  • Virgin Islands, U.S. (+1340)


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