Dialer Secure Text

You can now send stand alone texts to your patients. To see how the feature works follow the steps below.

Note: This feature is only available on iOS and Android. Dialer desktop support coming soon!

If you are looking for a post-call texting overview you may find this article helpful. Post-Call Texting on Dialer Video and Dialer Voice


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How to Use Secure Text

What your patient sees



How to Use Secure Text

1. Type in a number on your dialer dial pad


2. Tap the green "secure text" button at the bottom left of the dial pad

3. Select the template you would like to use


4. You can edit any template 

5. You can also send a custom message rather than use a template 


6. Send the text to the patient 


What Your Patients Will See

1) Your patient will receive a text message with a link to view the secure message. 




2) The every time your patient accesses a message from you, they will be prompted to consent to receive messages via Doximity. 




3) Once the patient consents, they will be able to view the message sent. All messages will expire after 7 days.





1) Can I customize the text I send? 

Yes, you can send a custom text by selecting the "custom text option." 

2) Is there a way to see if my patient has read my text?

Yes, once your patient reads your text message, you will receive a notification. To receive notifications when your patient reads your message, please enable your notifications

3) Do my patients have to give consent to receive these text messages?

Yes, your patient will see the consent screen below where they'll have to opt-in every time you send them a Doximity post-call text.  


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