Customize Video Invite Expiration Times on Desktop

Under the Dialer tab on your Doximity profile, you can customize the expiration time of video invites. Our default configuration has the video call invite links set to expire after 5 hours. To prevent patients from joining after your no-show period, you may customize this time frame. To access this feature, follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Doximity profile

2. Click on the Dialer tab

3. Click the Settings

4. Scroll down to 'Video Invite Expiration'. 

5. Select your desired link expiration time from the list of available time durations. Your selection will be saved.


For example, if you select a link expiration time of 15 minutes and a patient attempts to join a video call after 20 minutes, they will receive the following message: 

Video Call Expired. Sorry this link has expired. Please contact your provider for a new link.


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