Customize Video Invite Language for Desktop

Under Dialer settings on the desktop, you can customize the video invite text message language.  Once a change is made, all subsequent video call text invites will be sent in the selected language until reverted back. Follow the steps below to change the language in which video call invites are sent to your patients. 

The following languages are available:

  1. Chinese (Simplified)
  2. Chinese (Traditional)
  3. English
  4. French
  5. Haitian Creole
  6. Korean
  7. Polish
  8. Portuguese (Brazil)
  9. Somali
  10. Spanish
  11. Swahili
  12. Vietnamese


1) Navigate to the Dialer home page.

2) Click on ‘Settings’ to access Dialer settings.


3) Scroll down to the ‘Video Invite Language’ section. The language currently selected will be displayed here as well.


4) From the drop-down menu, select the language you’d like video invites to be sent in.

This setting will persist for all subsequent video calls until it is changed.

5) Your patient will receive text message invites in the language selected.

6) If you’d like to revert back to English, follow the above instructions again. Navigate to Dialer settings and select ‘English’ from the drop-down menu in the Video Invite Language section. If you do not revert back to English, all subsequent video call invites will be sent in the selected language.

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