How To Use Picture-In-Picture for Dialer Video Desktop

Doximity Dialer Video for Desktop now has a picture-in-picture feature to allow you to better multi-task while keeping your patient in view on the same screen.


With picture-in-picture, you can now open your patient's video in a pop-out window before a patient joins. The pop-out window will persist over other open tabs so you can simultaneously view your patient while navigating elsewhere on your computer, allowing for seamless multitasking.


How to use the Picture-In-Picture feature on Dialer Video Desktop:

  • Login to your Doximity account on a web browser on your computer and click on the 'Dialer’ tab on the top of your screen, or go to
  • To start a call, enter your patient's cell phone number in the blank field at the top and click the green 'Video' icon.
  • While waiting for your patient to join the video call, select the "Pop Out Video" button in the center of your screen to activate the picture-in-picture video panel.

Doximity-Dialer-Video (4).png

  • To enable Picture-in-Picture once your patient has already joined the call, select the "Pop Out Video" button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to activate the picture-in-picture video panel.
  • Selecting this button will move your patient's video into a smaller video panel at the side of your screen. This pop-out video panel will remain visible if you switch to other windows or tabs. You can also move and resize the new video panel.
  • To resize the video panel, hover over any corner of the video panel until your mouse becomes a double-sided arrow. From there you can click and drag to resize the video panel to be smaller or larger. You can also click on the pop-out video panel itself and drag it to your preferred corner of the screen.


  • To return to the original Dialer Video full-sized screen, you can either click the 'X' in the corner of the pop-out video panel or you can hover over the middle of the pop-out video panel and select the "Back To Tab" button. If you are already on the original Desktop Dialer Video page with your pop-out window still open, you can also select the blue 'Cancel' button. This will return your patient's video to the fixed, full-sized Dialer Video Screen.


Doximity-Dialer-Video (6).png


Supported Browsers:

  • Picture-in-Picture is fully supported on Chrome and Edge.
  • Picture-in-Picture is supported on Safari, but the "Pop Out Video" button will only appear once the patient has joined the video visit.
  • Picture-in-Picture is not supported on Firefox.

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