Dialer Phone Number Scanning Feature for iOS

We now offer a new Dialer scanning feature for iOS devices. You can now scan a phone number by accessing your camera when trying to dial a phone number on the Dialer tab. 


To access the new scanning feature for Dialer:

  • Access the Doximity app
  • Tap on the 'Dialer' tab
  • Tap on the Dialer scanning feature located on the right-hand side above the dial pad 
  • You will be prompt to allow access to your phone's camera
  • Place the scanning bar over the phone number that you are trying to scan
  • Tap the yellow bar containing the phone number that you scanned

You will now see the scanned phone number appear in the Dialer tab.

  • Tap 'Video Call' or 'Phone Call' to start the call


Please note, that the scanner will not be able to decipher a handwritten phone number if the writing is illegible.








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