Dialer Phone Number Scanning Feature for iOS

We now offer a new Dialer scanning feature for iOS devices. You can now scan a phone number by accessing your camera when trying to dial a phone number on the Dialer tab. 

Please note, that the scanner will not be able to decipher a handwritten phone number if the writing is illegible. There is a known issue with users If you are trying to scan a handwritten or printed number. It can take between 10 to 15 seconds to pull the number and we have heard reports that it at times won't pull the number at all.

To access the new scanning feature for Dialer:

  • Access the Doximity app
  • Tap on the 'Dialer' tab
  • Tap on the Dialer scanning feature located on the right-hand side above the dial pad 
  • You will be prompt to allow access to your phone's camera
  • Tap the 'Shutter' button on the bottom to take a photo
  • Tap the yellow bar containing the phone number that you scanned

You will now see the scanned phone number appear in the Dialer tab.

  • Tap 'Video Call' or 'Phone Call' to start the call

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