How to Update/Edit Your Profile on the Doximity Website

Any verified user can make updates to their Doximity profile.


NOTE: You cannot update your Name, Medical School, or Specialty.  For those changes, please contact Support ( In your email, please include your first and last name, location, specialty, and email address that you registered with.


To make an update to one of the fields on your profile:

  • Login to your Doximity account
  • Your profile automatically puts you in 'Edit Mode', where you can see sections of your profile that are empty in addition to those containing data
  • Click on the 'Add' button to enter a new item to your profile or the 'Edit' button to make a change to an existing one.

My Profile on Doximity (1).png

  • Once you have completed the addition or update to the field, click on the blue 'Save' button in the bottom right corner of the box to complete the process.



  • To get out of Edit mode, click the yellow 'Done Editing' button


Please note: If your cell or personal phone number is listed on your profile, it is because you or your representative entered that as part of your government-maintained NPI record. Doximity is not able to change the information listed in the NPI directory—you will need to contact the NPI directly to change your information there. 

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